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Matteo Moriconi
was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1973. His father is the Italian sculptor Roberto Moriconi, known for his  active participation in the avant-guard art movements of the 1970’s in Brazil, his leading artistic philosophy and his body of work dedicated to the use of technology and industrial/natural materials. His two brothers are PHD in physics from Princeton University and his mother is an accomplished cook and art curator.

Matteo graduated in Chemistry in 1997 and pursued an international career in technology and new media  whilst at the same time creating and producing The Virtual Museum of Brazilian Art sponsored by Petrobras and the Ministry of Culture.

Since 1993, Matteo has been active in technology being an early adopter of the internet. He is a technology expert known for the effective delivery of complex solutions for digital media businesses. Besides creating his own digital production company in Brazil and providing a range of technology services to cultural institutions, corporate client and artists , Matteo worked for years within the new media divisions of The Walt Disney Company and Discovery Channel in London. During this time, he built a strong network of agencies and technical service providers capable of supplying any kind of technology solution for small, medium or large organizations. His experience covers all areas of new media.

Currently based in Rome, Rio de Janeiro and London, Matteo is the Founder of ID34. He helps businesses by providing technology solutions for digital marketing services. His core areas of activity are web analytics, media monitoring, domain and asset management solutions.

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